April Coffee Roasters

How should April Coffee taste?

How should April Coffee taste? from Patrik Rolf Karlsson on Vimeo.

I am two weeks into April. The first production days are behind me and the response has been really good and helpful so far. This video is about how I want the April coffee to taste and how I divide my roasting approach into three categorize, filter, espresso, and coffee with milk. I have never been a believer in the idea that one roast profile could be optimal for several different brewing approaches. On the contrary, I am firm believer in individualizing the roasting as much as possible for each brew method and situation. My product range MJØLK is a big part of that. A range of coffee with high quality that is built on green coffee that is carefully picked for qualities that I believe makes for a better "milk coffee". 

In terms of roasting I am trying to be as individual as possible in my roast approach. At the moment it is no longer about roasting "lighter or darker" for me, but much more about how I reached my end temperature. April coffee is by all means light roasted coffee, that being said there are endless possibilities to make light roasted coffee taste very diverse and have different solubility. 

Thank you to all of you other that have been suporting me over the first weeks. I very much appreciate it. 

All my best,

Patrik Rolf