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Introducing a new April Project

Introducing a new April Project

Introducing a new April Project from Patrik Rolf Karlsson on Vimeo.



This one took a lot of time and thought before I decided to do it. The idea of having a new "roast style" was simply to tempting not to do it. Progressing the way we roast coffee is the very foundation of what April wants to do and therefore this makes perfect sense. 

I am talking about "capsule roasting". The idea came after a visit in Paris where during one of my workshops one guy brought capsules that his company makes. One of the baristas present at the event was fast to disregard them as "never going to be as tasty as his espresso in the shop". 

I think progress is important and my first thought was that the barista was wrong. We simply haven't tried to make them as tasty as his espresso before. I told him that two years from then I would come into his shop and brew him a capsule that tastes better than his espresso. 

Five months later and here I am, ready to launch April Coffee Capsule. I am not a 100% sure that it will be my capsules that will taste better than that espresso, it might as well be from someone else, but I want to be a part of exploring this new opportunity rather than sitting on the side line. 

The biggest critique to capsules is the envoirmental impact. A very important point. Today there is no biodegradable capsule that keeps the shelf life of the product but we are working together with the manufacturer to make this happen and in 2018 we will have 100% biodegradable capsules that keeps quality. If not we will simply stop doing them.