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Kamwangi AA, Kenya - Filter Coffee

Kamwangi AA, Kenya - Filter Coffee

Kamwangi AA, Kenya - Filter Coffee from Patrik Rolf Karlsson on Vimeo.


I am starting to get really happy with how Kamwangi AA is tasting at the moment. It is a combination of my roasting improving and the green coffee getting a bit older. Most of the time I find that coffee will start tasting the best around 6 - 10 months from harvest. This Kamwangi lot was harvested in January and is really starting to open up now. 

It is funny when I look back over my roasting notes for the first 9 months of the April project. They differ a lot today from when I first started. I was hosting a roasting workshop in Paris last week, at the same place that I had been 6 months before hosting another workshop, and they were first very confused because 90% of what I talked about was different from the previous time. 

I explained that it is the natural progress of things. You always want to keep on learning. That being said it doesn't always make you better but you need to always keep on trying. 

Kamwangi AA is a good result of that. We only have a few boxes left of it so if you want to have the opportunity to try it you should order it now: aprilcoffeeroasters.com/collections/frontpage/products/copy-of-filter-kenya-kamwangi?variant=30347837700

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