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April T-shirt

April T-shirt

525,00 kr

We are doing an exclusive T-Shirt collaboration with the Berlin-based underwear manufacturing company Merz B. Schwanen. According to us, they make some of the best t-shirts in the world and is something that I (Patrik Rolf) have been wearing every day for multiple years.  

This is not your average T-shirt. When we decided we wanted to make one it was important for us that the quality would be as high as our coffee, so we decided to work with the best. 

"This buttoned shirt is made with authentic traditional production methods and will prove to be a reliable companion even today. And if the heat of the moment is too much – just loosen the upper button. The shaped cut and casual fit are right for every outfit. Pure organic-cotton feels comfortable on your skin. The 2-thread fabric is durable and sturdy." - Merz B. Schewanen

The product is 100% made in Germany.