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Costa Rica - Hacienda Sonora

Origin: Costa Rica 
Location: Alajuela, Grecia - Central Valley
Farm: Hacienda Sonora 
Producer: Diego Guardia
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Growing Altitude: 12-1300 masl
Processing Method: Natural 
Harvest: February - March 2017

This Capsule coffee is sweet, rich and very balanced with clear notes of Fermented Cherry and Chocolate. 

Brewing advice: 

For all capsules, we recommend using bottled or filtrated water. The that water you use to brew this coffee will have an impact on the quality of the flavour in the final cup.

From the first capsule we produced, we have been focusing on pulling "short" extractions of capsule coffee - simply as we still haven't figured out an effective way to make the "long" shots taste as great as we'd like them to.

As a result, this capsule will taste the best with a volume of between 30-32g in the cup. Make sure that you stir the beverage properly with a spoon before tasting, and taste the final beverage at multiple temperatures for the full taste experience.