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We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Sundays at noon.
We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Sundays at noon.

Colombia - Aguas Clara


Origin: Colombia 
Location: Guadelupe
Farm: Aguas Clara
Producer: Carmen & Jaiber
Varietal: Colombia
Growing Altitude: 1750 masl
Processing Method: Washed 
Harvest: November  2019
Product: Filter & Espresso
Flavour Notes: Blackcurrant, Citrus & Rhubarb


Colombia is home to some truly remarkable coffee, and this particular lot from farmers Carmen & Jaiber and their Aguas Clara is a fantastic example of this. Produced in the Guadelupe region, this beautiful washed processed Colombia varietal provides an incredible fruit profile and a remarkably complex and astounding acidity structure, the flavours are vivid and the body supremely soft and velvety, reminiscent of Kenyan coffee.

This particular lot is grown at an average altitude of 1750 metres above sea level, and is processed using a method of wet fermentation. The high quality of the picking and processing is very evident in the overall pedigree of this lot we're delighted to be working with this coffee this season.

Espresso Roast Brewing Advice:

Use a 1:2.6 brew ratio. With all espresso you must first identify the size of your filter basket - preferably of the brand and variety 'VST 'Ridgeless' - that you are using. For this particular coffee, the optimal dose would be -2g from the basket size, using a 1:2.6 ratio, and aiming for a target TDS of 8.6. Depending on which grinder and set-up you're working with, the result will be varied however our recommended total brew time is still between 24 - 27 seconds brewing this coffee.


Filter Roast Brewing advice: 

Use a 1:15.3 (13-200) brew ratio using the April Brewer, aiming for a TDS of 1,29 or slightly higher for a clean and transparent yet rich brew. When working with this coffee, we recommend experimenting with a coarser grind than you may usually use rather than a traditionally finer filter grind setting.

We begin this with an initial pour of 100g, starting with a circle pour of 50g followed by a centre pour of 50g, all within the first 10 seconds.

After the initial stage of the brew is complete (30s), begin to pour once again using the circle pour method, agitating the coffee grinds, pouring in clockwise circular motion and creating turbulence within the brewer. This will help to increase the strength of your brew and this method pairs well with the coarser grind setting mentioned earlier. As with your initial pour, start with a circle pour of 50g before finishing with a centre pour of 50g, leaving you with a total brew water weight of 200g.

Brew with a water temperature at 93'
C degrees and attempt to find a water with a total hardness of around 80 ppm. This should equate to a deliciously juicy and clean cup of coffee, with vibrant acidity as well as a rich sweetness and silken body.