April Coffee Roasters

Espresso - "04" - Seasonal Blend

Most Espresso Blends are difficult to brew since your getting both under and over extracted notes at the same time due to the fact that the different coffee's are often roasted separately. 

The "04" Seasonal Espresso blend is always a 50/50 blend with both components roasted separately. The goal is to reach two individual parts with the same solubility to assure balance in extraction and taste. The content will change with the season but the goal is the same, a rich and sweet espresso with notes of ripe red fruit and chocolate. 

This product is roasted heavier than the rest of the April range.   

Today the components are 50% Baragwi, a washed proceed peaberry from Kenya and 50% El Nazareth, a washed processed bourbon from El Salvador. 

Use a 1:2.5 brew ratio. With all espresso you first need to identify the size of the filter basket - preferably of the brand VST ridgles - that you are using. For this coffee that would be the filter basket size * 2.5, aiming for a target TDS of 9. Depending on which grinder and set-up your working with the result will be a bit different but the recommended brew time is still between 30 - 32 seconds for this coffee. 

Giving this coffee the opportunity to preform on a range of higher extractions enables the sweetness and flavour clarity to hit its sweet spot.