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We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Sundays at noon.
We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Sundays at noon.

Ethiopia - Buku


Location: Guji
Process Station: Buku
Producer: Several Smallholders
Owner : Metad
Varietal: Native Heirloom
Growing Altitude: 2000 meter
Processing Method: Washed
Harvest: January 2019
Product: Filter & Espresso
Flavour Notes: Earl Grey, Peach & Lemon 


This is our third Ethiopian release from the latest harvest, it's a pleasure to add yet another wonderful coffee from one of our favourite producing countries.

Grown at an average altitude of 2000 metres above sea level, this lot is comprised of Ethiopian heirloom varietals and has been carefully compiled by METAD, our current partners on the ground in Ethiopia.

The lot has been processed at the Buku washing station and is comprised of cherries delivered by over 500 smallholder farmers from the Guji region, 400km south of the Ethiopian capital.

METAD have invested heavily on improving the production quality of this washing station, including purchasing a waterless depulper which helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the processing operation.

This coffee has been fully washed processed, with a total duration of wet fermentation between 24-36 hours before soaking in clean water for and additional 12-24 hours. The drying was undertaken using raised beds over the following 10-12 days.

You can expect to find notes of earl grey and peach, with an excellent floral and clean finish. Expect a clean but distinct profile from this exceptional coffee with a distinct citric quality in the acidity profile.


Espresso Roast Brewing Advice:

Use a 1:2.4 brew ratio. With all espresso you must first identify the size of your filter basket - preferably of the brand and variety 'VST 'Ridgeless' - that you are using. For this particular coffee, the optimal dose would be -2g from the basket size, using a 1:2.4 ratio, and aiming for a target TDS of 8.1. Depending on which grinder and set-up you're working with, the result will be varied however our recommended total brew time is still between 25 - 27 seconds brewing this coffee.

Filter Roast Brewing advice: 

Use a 1:16,6 brew ratio using the V60 brewer from Hario, aiming for a TDS of 1,40 or slightly lower for a clean and transparent yet rich brew. When working with this coffee, we recommend finding a medium-fine grind setting that will enable you to extract the coffee evenly in a relatively short amount of time.

We begin this brew with a single 100g pour of 90 degree water, in this case pouring the full 100g volume within the first 10 seconds of the brew, agitating the ground whilst pouring to ensure all of the grounds are saturated.

After waiting for the first pour to drain through the coffee bed entirely (1:10), begin your second pour, adding another 100g of brew water. On this pour, circle pour from the edges of the brewer into the centre, folding in any grounds that have been left high or unexposed within the brewer. Complete this pour within 10 seconds, ceasing pouring at 1:20 into the brew.

Ideally you should look for a total brew time of 2:00. If the water drains faster or slower than this, please adjust your grind setting.

This is a quick and simple brew method, that can be consistently reproduced. This should equate to a deliciously full yet clean cup of coffee, with well integrated acidity as well as a rich sweetness and buttery body.