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Filter - Rwanda - Matyazo

This is the second season in a row that we are working with the Matyazo processing station in the western province of Rwanda. It is a very complex coffee with notes of Strawberries, Herbs and Tropical Fruits. 

Brewing Advice: 

Use a 1:15 brew ratio using a Kalita or V60 brewer, aiming for a TDS of 1,35 for a transparent and clean taste. 

We start our brews with a "blooming process" which means that you pour water double the amount of the dry coffee (ex. 12g dry dose would be 24 - 30g of water) and stir as much as you can - a spoon would do the trick - for about 10 seconds. Then slowly pour the remaining of the water in a small circle in the center of the filter. 

Keep the water temperature at 94'C degrees and the water hardness around 80 ppm. This is as it should truly a light bodied and delicate cup of coffee. By playing around with the total brew time you will be able to make the coffee sweeter (long brew time) or a bit more vibrant (short brew time) the easiest way to do that is changing the speed of your pouring. Just make sure to remember to also change your grind size so that you can keep the suggested TDS.