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Peru - El Palto

Origin: Peru
Location: El Palto, Northern Peru 
Process Station: Juan Marco El Palto association
Producer: Several Small Farmholders 
Varietal: Caturra, Typica & Catimor
Growing Altitude: 12-1300 masl
Processing Method: Washed 
Harvest: June - August 2017
Milk Espresso 

Unpleasant acidity (what a lot of people refer to as sourness) in an espresso usually comes as a result of either the following (1) a green coffee with a high natural acidity or (2) a brew ratio that doesn't fit with the style of roast you brew with. 

Brewing advice: 

Use a 1:2.3 brew ratio. With all espresso you first need to identify the size of the filter basket - preferably of the brand VST ridgles - that you are using. For this coffee that would be the filter basket size * 2,3 aiming for a target TDS of 9. Depending on which grinder and set-up your working with the result will be a bit different but the recommended brew time is still between 30 - 32 seconds for this coffee. 

The brewing always effects how the coffee will taste. And with a good combination of roasting and brewing a milk coffee doesn't have to be dark roasted to taste rich and sweet. This is an great example of that.