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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).
We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).

Terms & Conditions for our Brewing-Kit

Please read this before you place your order for the April Brewing-Kit. 

We double-check each production run to make sure that the Kit is up to our standards. Since the Kit is made using thin ceramics there will be inconsistencies in-between products. However, we have done extensive quality control and can ensure that those inconsistencies are not affecting the brewing negatively. 

Inconsistencies might involve the following:

1. Uneven "wings" (referring to the three outer parts of the brewer that forms the base). This are not alway perfectly level, please be careful when you are handling it, placing it on top of your brew-vessel.   

2. Uneven "rings" (referring to the shape of the inner part of the filter) close to the bottom of the inner filter. This is rare, and has no impact on the quality of the brew. 

3. The hole in the bottom of the Filter isn't always completely round. 

4. Minor cracks in the ceramics. Almost invisible, we are working on a solution for that but it's rare that it happens and even if it does it isn't effecting the performance of the brewer. 

Please consider the following

Shipment & Responsibility. We have shipped several hundred units to private consumers all over the world and can now guarantee that our approach to packaging the Kit for shipment is done in a way where it doesn't allow for breakage - unless the shipping company is mishandling the shipment upon delivery. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for breakage during transport. 

If breakage does happen during transport we refer you first to look into if you have a private shipment insurance (not specific to us). We offer you to purchase a new Brewing-Kit with a 40% discount. For any issues with the brewer we will always require reference photos. 


Versions of the Brewing-Kit. There are currently two different versions of the Filter. The latest version is made with smaller "filter holders" (referring to the three small holders in the base on the inside, center of the brewer). It is not possible to decide which version you will be shipped. This is an approved new product that will improve consistency in manufacturing while maintaining the cup quality of the brewed coffee. We have signed off and approved this change.