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Burundi - Drip Pack


Burundi - Drip Pack

Burundi - Drip Pack

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Nyabihanga - Burundi Drip Pack Coffee

Washed processed Bourbon from Kayanza

We are proud to introduce the April Drip Pack Coffee. Created for all of you travelers and jet-setters, those that wish to explore the world yet expect a tasty cup of Filter Coffee wherever you go.

Expect a clean but distinct profile from this exceptional coffee. It can simply be used with or without a coffee gear, find our step by step guide here.

Origin: Burundi
Producer: Salum Ramadhan
Processing: Washed
Station: Mbirizi
Location: Kayanza
Elevation: 1750 meter
Harvest: July
Roast Profile: Drip Pack Coffee
Flavor Notes: Black Currant, Herbs, Blood Orange