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Brew method: Nespresso compatible Coffee Capsule  

We currently offer two different coffees in our capsule range. Each box comes with 10 capsules that have a shelf-life of 12 months. All of our capsules are created to taste the best as "short volume brews" and for the optimal result, we recommend a brew-time of 10 seconds (with a volume of 22-26g espresso). 

Origin: El Salvador 
Process: Washed processed Bourbon
Farm: San Fransisco, San Antonio 
Harvest time: February 2018
Flavor notes: Cocoa, Macadamia & Ripe Cherry 

Origin: Kenya 
Process: Washed processed SL 28 & 34 Peaberry 
Process Station: Karogoto
Harvest time: January 2018
Flavor notes: Blackberry & Chocolate 

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