Filter - Ethiopia - Chelelektu

By April Coffee Roasters


Character: A vibrant cup with clear notes of Jasmine and rich Peach.  

Origin: Ethiopia - from the region of Kochere.

Producer: Several small farm holders via the Chelelektu Washing Station

Variety: Mixed Heirloom.  

Growing Altitude: 2000+ above sea level. 

Harvest: January - February 2017. 

Flavor Description: Jasmin, Lemon and Peach  

Delivery: Roasting and shipping are done on Tuesday's. To make sure that your order will be included in the upcoming Tuesday the order must be in by the latest Monday 12:00 (Local time Copenhagen). Shipping time will be between 3 - 7 days. 

The natural biodiversity and history of Ethiopia as a coffee producing country is simply amazing. This is where it all started, and it's also where we find some of the most complex and interesting tasting coffees in the world. The reason for that is that almost all coffee grows wild in nature which allows the soil to keep and produce their natural minerals making sure that the growing conditions will be sustainable and of very high quality for years to come.  This coffee is picked because it is a bit different than other Ethiopian coffee. It is not the classic tea bodied floral and citrusy coffee but a lot more rounded and fruity.  

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