April Coffee Roasters


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One of few coffee origins which multiple harvests throughout the year, the flavour quality of Colombian coffee can be very diverse with the country boasting multiple highly regarded growing regions. Commonly grown varietals include Caturra and Castillo, however it is also possible to find excellent examples of Tabi, Bourbon and Typica cultivars. Colombian coffee can be very complex and full bodied, often with fruit driven profiles and excellent tactile qualities. As a well developed coffee producing country, harvests are often easily traceable and the harvest and processing standards of a consistently high quality.

Location: Huila, Palestina
Process Station: El Tesoro
Producer: Victor Barrera
Varietal: Tabi 
Growing Altitude: 1750 masl
Processing Method: Washed 
Harvest: October - December 2017
Product: Filter and Espresso
Flavour Notes: Plum, Red Berries & Blackberry 

Location: Narino Department
Process Station: Lá Union
Producer: Several Smallholders 
Varietal: Native Heirloom 
Growing Altitude: 1700 masl
Processing Method: Washed 
Harvest: July - August 2017
Product: Milk Espresso & Automatic Espresso Machine
Flavour Notes: Ripe Pear, Nougat & Apple