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We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Mondays at noon.
We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Mondays at noon.

Weekly Coffee Subscription

120,00 kr
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April - Weekly Coffee Subscription 

For us, it is crucial to work with the best ingredients we can find. When it comes to coffee, that means Specialty Graded Beans. These beans are grown with attention to detail and love. They are picked by hand and processed in a way that highlights the character of the coffee. This is done by some of the most dedicated farmers and producers around the world.

You can choose between Filter and Espresso roasting style: 

Filter Roast Style

When it comes to Filter Coffee we are looking for a clean and transparent cup of coffee that showcases the origin in the best possible way. The goal is to showcase a coffee without displaying any negative flavors from the roasting process - that can refer to both under- and over roast.

Espresso Roast Style

All of our Espresso would fall into the category of "Modern Espresso." The machinery we work with today in terms of brewing enables us to push the idea of roasting for espresso. We want it clean, sweet, and with a buttery mouthfeel. A good espresso has a great structure to it without becoming too heavy or dry - balance is vital, and we welcome acidity but makes sure it is balanced up with sweetness.

What can I expect from the Membership Club? 

  1. If you order more than one bag of coffee you will get multiple different coffees.
  2. We ship out your first subscription order the following Tuesday upon subscribing. The next shipment will follow one month after that.
  3. Every month we will upload a video on our Youtube Channel describing our roasting and brewing approach. Sign up for it here
  4. Roast Style: Filter or Espresso

Please be aware that it is not possible to subscribe using PayPal as a checkout option.