Espresso - MILK - Costa Rica

By April Coffee Roasters


MILK espresso is created for all of your espresso based milk drinks. A perfectly balanced espresso with a rich mouthfeel and flavor notes that creates a balanced and harmonious taste experience with your milk.

This is the first natural processed version of the MILK espresso. Normally April doesn't work with natural proceed coffee because that beautiful fruity note also brings sweet fermented notes that don't go well with a filter coffee. But as an espresso based milk drink, it lives up to its potential. Creating a very sweet and fruity milk drink. 


Character: A rich and round cup with fruity notes and sweet chocolate

Origin: Costa Rica, from the region of Grecia, Alajuela 

Producer: Diego Guardia, at Hacienda Sonora

Variety: Natural processed Villa Sarchi 

Growing Altitude: 1200 meter above sea level  

Harvest: January - April 2017

Flavor Description: Dried Fruit & Black Cherry 

Delivery: Roasting and shipping are done on Tuesday's. To make sure that your order will be included in the upcoming Tuesday the order must be in by the latest Monday 12:00 (Local time Copenhagen). Shipping time will be between 3 - 7 days. 


This is the third version of "Milk Espresso". Changing with the seasons its now time for a Guatemalan coffee. It's balanced, smooth and has a very balanced acidity which makes it perfect for a milk drink.  

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