Espresso - San Florencio - Guatemala

By April Coffee Roasters


Character: A transparent and round cup of coffee with fruity notes of yellow stone fruit and chocolate. 

Origin: Guatemala, from the region of Quetzaltenango.

Producer: Olga Herrera at the San Florencio farm

Variety: Washed processed Bourbon and Caturra.

Harvest: February - April 2017.

Flavour description: Citrus, Macadamia and Stone fruit  

Delivery: Roasting is done on Tuesday's and the coffee will ship out the same day it is roasted, expect 3 - 7 days delivery time. 


San Florencio is back. It was one of my favourite coffees when I first started April back in November and this time it is tasting even better. 

Central American coffees have always made up to be beautifully balanced and sweet cup of coffee and this coffee from San Florencio in Guatemala is no exception. 

Olga Herrera is aware of the socio-ecological role of Finca San Florencio. She puts great focus on conservation of fauna and flora on and around the farm; part of San Florencio’s land is a natural forest reserve. The finca also offers job opportunities for the people of Las Barrancas village. Next to that, she offers part of the land so they can grow their own crops and make a living.     

For me Guatemala is home of some of the best coffee in the world. There is an incredible harmony between mouthfeel and flavour complexity.

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