Filter - Costa Rica - Volcan Azul (Obata)

By April Coffee Roasters


Character: A silky cup with notes of Stone Fruit, Cocoa, and Florals

 Origin: Costa Rica 

Producer: Alejo Castro

Variety: Washed processed Obata 

Growing Altitude: 1650 meters above sea level.  

Harvest: January - February 2017

Flavor Description: Yellow Stone Fruit, Cocoa, and Floral notes. 

Delivery: Roasting is done on Tuesday's and the coffee will ship out the same day it is roasted, expect 3 - 7 days for delivery.  

This is one of the first harvested of the Obata varietal in Costa Rica and the first to ever be production roasted. It is a tiny 5 boxes lot that we here at April bought. We have high hopes for this coffee and believe it to taste better than any other Obata we have tried before.

Two of the things that make this varietal so interesting is the fact that it is resistant to the leaf rust as well as being high yielding. We believe this to be a sustainable varietal that we are proud to be a part of supporting in the very first step of the tests in Costa Rica. 




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