Filter - Rwanda - Matyazo

By April Coffee Roasters


Character: A vibrant and juicy cup with flavour notes of Mandarin and white tea. 

Origin: Rwanda - from the Ngororero district in the Western province

Producer: Matyazo Cooperative.

Variety: Washed processed Bourbon.

Growing Altitude: 1100 - 2200 meters above sea level.

Harvest: July - August 2016.

Flavour description: Elderflower, Mandarin & White tea 

Delivery: Roasting and shipping is done on Tuesday's. To make sure that your order will be included in the upcoming Tuesday the order must be in by the latest Monday 12:00 (Local time Copenhagen). Shipping time will be between 3 - 7 days. 

The Matyazo washing station works with 375 different coffee farmers in the Ngororero district, located in the western province. The coffee is all washed bourbon and grows on a range of altitude between 1100 - 2200 meter. This could be one of the reasons why the coffee shows so complex flavour notes.   

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