Capsule - Kenya - Kamwangi

By April Coffee Roasters


20 Coffee Capsules
Compatible with Nespresso- and Dualit Capsule Machines.

Character: A light and juicy capsule coffee that is as sweet as it is acidic with distinct notes of blackcurrant. 

Origin: Kenya - from the region of Kirinyaga.

Producer: 995 small farm holders in the Kirinyaga region

Variety: Washed processed AA selection of SL 28 & 34

Growing Altitude: 1800 meter above sea level.

Harvest: January 2017

Flavor Description: Chocolate and Blackberry. 

Delivery: I ship out every Tuesday. 

Brewing Advice: Enjoy it as a short version with intense and rich flavor notes or an as a longer, lighter americano style cup with flavor clarity.  


This is capsule coffee I predict will be a part of pushing the boundaries of what one can expect from a capsule coffee. The quality of green coffee is outstanding and in combination with the roasting and the capsule machine as a brewing method you are left with a clean, juicy and vibrant cup. This is not a traditional cup of coffee or capsule. Far from it. This is April aiming for something new and interesting while pushing the boundaries for how a capsule coffee can taste. 

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