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Nyabihanga - Burundi - Filter Coffee

April Coffee Roasters

Nyabihanga - Burundi - Filter Coffee

Nyabihanga - Burundi - Filter Coffee

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Washed processed Bourbon from Kayanza

April Filter Coffee Beans.

Origin: Burundi
Producer: Salum Ramadhan
Processing: Washed
Station: Mbirizi
Location: Kayanza
Elevation: 1750 meter
Harvest: July
Flavor Notes: Black Currant, Herbs, Blood Orange

About Nyabihanga, Burundi Filter Coffee.

Salum is the only Burundian producer to own his own farm and washing stations in a country where 95% of the coffee industry is divided between 2 major players. His high-quality work has confirmed that we made the right choice when changing our sourcing method several years ago. This coffee is harvested by small producers who live on the Nyabihanga hills in the center of the country. The coffee is then fully washed processed in Mbirizi washing station belonging to Salum.

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