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Bugoyi - Rwanda - Filter Coffee

April Coffee Roasters

Bugoyi - Rwanda - Filter Coffee

Bugoyi - Rwanda - Filter Coffee

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Washed processed Bourbon Varietal from Rwanda in the Rutsiro District.

April Filter Coffee Beans.

Origin: Rwanda
Station: Bugoyi
Producer: Emmanuel Rusatira
Location: Rutsiro District
Elevation: 1600+ meter
Harvest: August 2019
Product: April Filter Coffee
Flavor notes: Tropical Fruit, Herbs & Red Berries

Rwanda Coffee

As an origin, Rwanda is known for its distinctly herbal and tea-like coffees with the best amongst them featuring notes of tropical fruit and vibrant citrus. With high altitude growing regions, rich red clay soil and favourable rainfall, Rwanda is an excellent environment for growing and producing excellently high-quality specialty coffee. Predominantly producing Bourbon, there are 500,000 smallholders situated across the nation with the preferred processing method to fully wash the coffee at washing stations.