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Training Log by Erik Liao - My current favourite recipe

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

Hello, it’s me, Erik.

This log, I would like to talk about how I brew now.

My brew every morning is through the following:

V60 (02) - Ceramics
I use 20g of coarse grinding coffee, to 300g of water, separated into five pours.

The recipe is almost the same profile as Tetsu’s but slightly changed.

0:00 1st pour- 92c, 60g of water, circular pour
0:40 2nd pour- 88c, 60g of water, stronger circle pour
1:20 3rd pour- 83c, 60g of water, first circular then center pour
2:00 4th pour- 83c, 60g of water, center pour
2:30 5th pour- 83c, 60g of water, center pour

The theory behind is that I believe most of the pleasant characters in coffee would be extracted out at early stage brewing, and if I continue extracting with high temperature or intense agitation in the later stage, I could bring out bitterness and negative mouthfeel.

So, I set the recipe with the idea of brewing from high temperature to lower temperature, stronger water flow to gentle water flow. That is to extract more pleasant characters at the front and gradually decrease extraction aggressiveness in later pours, to create soft finish and mouthfeel.

The result is a clean cup with the right flavour intensity. However, I do find the coffee a bit off balance when cold and am testing various recipes and new methods.

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