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Launching the April Pour Over Brewer

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A new way to brew coffee at home, inspired by professionals. Ceramic brewers redefined in Copenhagen by April Coffee Roaster.



We asked ourselves how we can brew better coffee? How you brew coffee is decided by how the coffee is roasted. We designed a brewing device that keeps up with the modern progression of coffee roasting.

We are releasing our brand new April Pour-Over Brewer on Kickstarter. It’s been two years in the making, prototype testing and a silver medal in the World Brewers Cup. Via our Kickstarter campaign, you are able to be the first to receive the new brewer. The April Pour Over Brewer is created to allow you to extract the most out of your coffee, focusing on balance and sweetness at all temperatures.

Join our campaign to be the first to receive the new April Pour-Over Brewer. In order to give back to everyone that helps us make this project a reality we offer a special price + free shipping exclusively for the Kickstarter Campaign.

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