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Training Log #2 by Júlia Fortini Souza - Which is your favorite Coffee Grinder?

Posted by GenovaWebArt Collaborator on

My current favorite grinder for filter coffee is the Comandante Hand Grinder. When I first got to know the Comandante and got to handle it in the World of Coffee in Dublin a few years ago, I was surprised by how easy it was to grind (for a hand grinder it is amazingly soft and fast) and how consistent the grind was. Another factor that caught my attention is how you can easily adjust it and clean it!

When I want to test different grinders, I usually choose the same coffee and choose one recipe for the V60. I try to grind the "same" in all the grinders. After brewing, I then evaluate the result in the cup, which cup is more balanced, more complex. If I need to adjust a few things on one grinder or the other to make another test, I will do it again.

One of the most important things to think about when I choose a grinder is the quality of the grinds. This means the consistency and the precision of the grinds so I can get a quality brew and a clean cup at the end. Talking about precision, something else about the comandante that is very cool about the Comandante is the Red Clix, where you can change the axle and expand the click range! The grinder will be more sensitive, and I will have more precision in grinding!

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