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Training Log by Erik Liao - What is your favorite Brew Method?

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

What is your favorite Brew Method, and why? 

For me, I think it will be V60 (02). I always like coffee with bright acidity and good clarity. The faster flow rate of V60 can highlight the characteristics I want. However, recently, Hario launched a new V60 dripper with a valve for immersion. I think it has the chance to be my new favorite.

What do you recommend a Home Brewer should think about if they want to make competition quality coffee at Home?

I would recommend brewing one coffee only. Next, have the mindset of getting a better cup whenever you brew. When we brew, we focus on acidity, body, and balance through different temperature stages. (Make sure to evaluate your coffee from hot to cool) Then, you adjust your recipe to make the coffee taste better every time you brew.

What's the best coffee you ever tried?  

I think I still would say that the best cup I've ever tried is the Bolivian natural geisha. It was brewed by Tetsu when he traveled in Taiwan. Excellent clarity combined with bright acidity. The coffee was showcasing complex tropical fruits with floral notes and hazelnut chocolate.

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