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Training Log by Niels te Vaanhold - What is your favorite brew method?

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

What is your favorite Brew Method, and why? 

My favorite brew method is Kalita wave 185. Because I believe with a flatbed brewer, you can create a better balance in the body. And also if you do a 1.15 ratio, it is easy to control. I always aim for a brewing time of 3.30 minutes. Making my pour in 3 times. 50 grams of water with a bloom time of 45 seconds, then pour to 150 ml ending time 1.00 minute and the final pour up to 250 ml starting at 1.30 minute and end at 1.45 minute. When you can create a total brew time of 3.30 minutes, the TDS is always in the right spot. (1.35 - 1.40) I know this is personal but for me, It always works with a Kalita.

What do you recommend a Home Brewer should think about if they want to make competition quality coffee at Home? 

For home brewing, I would recommend an Aeropress or Espropress. These two easy to brew and easy to control. Also, you can freestyle a lot with Aeropress so with 1 Coffee you can create a lot of different flavors.

What's the best coffee you ever tried? 

The best Coffee I tried is the geisha village. Because I think the best- tasting coffees are super clean coffees. Personal I prefer the washed version, but the Natural is also tasting amazing and super clean.





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