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Coffee Subscription August 2019

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

This week, Patrik jumped back into the roastery to present our latest monthly Subscription release. Our subscription members receive between 1 to 5 bags of coffee every month, and we're committed to providing them with not only the highest quality roasted coffee but also offering access to our roasting specifications and an approach towards brewing. This month, we sent our members one of our first releases from our partner farmer in Costa Rica, Alejo Castro. The primary coffee this month, a Red Honey processed H1 varietal, is a beautifully balanced coffee with great cup quality benefiting from the excellent processing as well as the lineage of the varietal.

H1 is a leaf rust resistant varietal, produced from a combination of Sarchimor and Sudan Rume, and as a result the cup shares some excellent qualities with Sudan Rume however this particular lot has been both higher yielding as well as rust resistant. Two great attributes for the farmer, and we're very happy with the quality and complexity of the green coffee. You can expect to find notes of Caramelised Apples, Citrus and dense Florals. We select different coffee every month to feature for our subscribers, watch this weeks video to learn more about the kind of information we're providing every month.

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