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How we Brew Coffee with a V60 Filter Brewer

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

This week, we took a moment to share our current favorite V60 recipe with you, creating a short video and brew guide to one of our favorite brew methods. As we prepare for the World Brewers Championship later this year, it's important to us that we're confident brewing coffee using various methods and techniques.

Brewing coffee to a constantly high quality requires a thorough understanding of the effects that your choice of technique or variable changes will have on the resulting brew. This week, we explore our most frequently brewed V60 recipe for you to try yourselves.

Brewing Recipe:

20g Coffee (coarse grind)
300g Water (90-110 ppm at 92'C)

*every pour is done in a circle, aggressively so that you agitate the grounds.

Each pour is 50g of water at the following time:


Total brew time between 3:20-3:30