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Should You Visit a Coffee Farm?

Posted by GenovaWebArt Collaborator on

What can be gained from visiting a coffee farm? It is very common to see professionals from all sizes of a coffee business undertaking annual origin trips but for what reasons? At April we believe that knowing your farmer and respecting the partnership is integral to maintaining a healthy supply chain. There are many things to be gained from visiting a coffee farm, not just a greater understanding of the agricultural processes behind producing high-quality green coffee, but also a greater understanding of the operational scale of your partner's practices and how the terms you negotiate when conducting trade can affect these operations from the ground up.


There’s certainly a buzz around visiting coffee farms, and the lines between coffee production and coffee tourism can be blurry at the best of times. What benefits can coffee tourism bring to a producer, is this a potential revenue stream or a distraction from the core agricultural model? In this week's video, Patrik and Viktor discuss a recent trip to visit one of our partner farmers, Bruno Souza of Fazenda Esperança in Brazil, unpacking the potential benefits of visiting a coffee farm and witnessing coffee production first hand.