April Coffee Roasters

Tips and Tricks When Roasting on a Loring Smart Roaster - Part 2

This week Patrik revisits one of our fundamental topics, how to optimise your approach to roasting coffee when using a Loring Smart Roaster, as we return with part 2. The design and operation of this particular roast machine is very different to the silhouette of a traditional drum roaster, and this week we're discussing the position of the cyclone in relation to the generation of thermal energy as well as the importance of getting to know your probes/thermocouples and calibrating to their response.

We'll be sure to return with more information and discussions about roasting shortly, feel free to request a part 3 if you've been enjoying the information so far. We're always interested in hearing what topics you're most curious to hear us discuss, and social media is a great way of reaching out to us if you would like to make a request. 


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