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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).
We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).

Ethiopia - Regessa - Krume 

Location: Bombe, Bensa, Sidama
Process Station: Regessa Station
Producer: Single Farm Project

Harvest Date: January 2023
Received Date: June 2023

Varietal: Krume 74158
Growing Altitude: 2270-2290m 
Processing Method: Natural
Roast: Light Roast
Flavour Notes: Raspberry, Florals & Citrus

Our recipes

These recipes reflect the approach to coffee served in our Showroom.
The filter recipe is based on our own april Brewers (flat-based) and our april Paper Filters. As for espresso, the recipes are designed using a Modbar AV.
All of our grind settings reference a Mahlkonig EK43. You can adjust your grind settings as necessary and use the recommended brew time as a reference.

About the farm

Regessa is 43 and has a family with 4 children. He was born and raised in Bombe Village, Bensa, Sidama.
He finished his study in agricultural business management in Saint Mary University and holds a diploma on Plants from Dilla University. Apart from his farm, Regessa also works in Bensa Woreda under agricultural enterprise where he learned modern practices and applies them in his farm.

Regessa’s background has helped him build up a better understandingin farming, processing, and drying. He owns a small farm of roughly 4 hectares, with false banana as shade trees. In 4 hectares, he planted more than 9000 trees, all of which is single variety of 74158.

This is our first single farmer project coming out of our of our favourite producing countries, Ethiopia. This is the first season that we are buying from this Station.

About the coffee

Regessa owns a small drying station where he processed his own coffees all as natural process. In processing, he follows with firstly floaters removed, then hand sorting defects on raised beds. Completely on single layer dryingunder sunlight, with drying time about 23-25 days.

Sweetness: ●●●●○
Body: ●●●○○
Acidity: ●●●○○

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