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by_Lisa Fedorovska

Training Log #2 by Lisa Fedorovska - Which is your Favorite Coffee Grinder?

Posted by GenovaWebArt Collaborator on

For this moment, I do not have a clear answer to the question "What is my favorite coffee grinder." Because I attach particular attention to the approach of championships to coffee grinders. Probably, for now, my favorite for Brewers is the EK -43. But this year, at the World Championships in Berlin, I was very impressed with the Kinu M47 Phoenix coffee grinder with its simple and at the same time correct mechanism. Why is it your favorite grinder?So far, for me, the Kinu is the most convenient coffee grinder. It generates a high-quality grind result and is easy and efficient to use.  What do you do when you want to test different grinders?When I want to test various coffee grinders,...

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Training Log by Lisa Fedorovska - What is your favorite Brew Method?

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

What is your favorite Brew Method, and why?My Favorite method is "Clever dripper." By all indications, it is the easiest, but not everyone can brew a delicious coffee with it. I love this method because it is immersion. Coffee brewed for me in this way is the most delicious.But today I train on the new device Switch Dripper. Why this particular method? Because it is the perfect combination of the V-60 drip and immersion.What do you recommend a Home Brewer should think about if they want to make competition quality coffee at Home? To begin with, you need to choose coffee, not the one that is most popular by others, but the one that you like most.Next, you need to create...

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