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by_Patrik Rolf

Training log #3 by Patrik Rolf - What is your favourite Coffee Grinder?

Posted by GenovaWebArt Collaborator on

For me, there is a lot of good different grinders on the market. For a long time, I used the most basic Vilfa Grinder (I won my first Swedish Brewers Championship using that grinder). Ultimately it's about finding one that fits your brewing style - the character you want your brewed coffee to have. For the last two years, I have been focusing on the Ditting Sweet K804 Lab Grinder. I bought one of the first sample models when they took over the official grinder sponsorship for the World Brewers Championship. I needed to practice using it for the Compulsory round, and at the same time, I decided to grind on stage during my Open Service. Long story short, I have spent...

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Training Log by Patrik Rolf - creating a new brewer

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

I don't think you have to create your own Coffee Brewer to be able to compete on a high level. The history of the competition tells us that you can go a very long way just by using a standard V60 Drip Filter — currently the most used brew method in the Brewers Cup competitions around the world.However, competing is a great opportunity to discover new brew approaches. I created the first version of the April Drip Brewer for my first World Brewers Cup Competition in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. A version that I later updated for my second World Brewers Cup competition in Boston, USA.Since I am preparing to compete again, I, therefore, thought it to be an excellent opportunity...

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