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Training Log by Lisa Zancanella - Starting to practice

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

Start from the basic.

I decided that if I really want to start this journey I’d need to put all in right from the beginning creating a daily training routine.

I’ve been pouring water over three empty v60s every day, taking notes of all the grams of each pour, to really realising how my precision was.

Then I made a list of all the variables possible about pouring technique, water, ratios, grounds, chemistry... everything.

Panic: I- don’t- know- anything.

I soon realised that there are so many different opinions about each coffee topic. There is no right and wrong, the key is to adapt the technique to the variables, being elastic and focusing on the coffee.

I’ve always been driven by the flavors on the cup, and mostly driven by what happens before the shipping of green coffee bags, and now I need to focus on everything that happens right after. It’s probably the hardest part, forcing myself not to think about competition topics which would involve farmers or stories.

Just coffee.

Just talking about a single cup.

Just letting a coffee cup speak by itself, without adding anything else.

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