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Training Log by Niels te Vaanhold - reflecting on the past and getting ready for the future

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

For a few years, I am competing in coffee competitions. In 2018 I competed in the brewers' cup, and I became 4th. I was a little disappointed that I did not make it in the top 3. Two days later was the Dutch cup tasting championship, I signed in, and for me it was about the fun, competing with My friends and making jokes about How many good sets we could get. In my run, I had 6 out of 8.

I was happy, but I was also sure that it was not enough, with 2 more rounds to go I was number 8 and only 8 went through the next round. I decided to go outside and have some lunch and a coffee and was almost ready to go home. At that moment, my friend called me that I was in the next round. After that, I made it to the finals and became a cup tasting champion.

I will never forget this moment Because I almost lost my focus, and I think for competition this is the most important thing. On the World Championships in Brazil, I had to focus for a whole week. And became 2nd in the finals. So for me, the best way to start any coffee competition is to do a cupping round of 8 sets.

This year I will compete in the Brewers cup again, I need to score better in the compulsory round. Therefore I Will start training this week, and see what for me is the best en most consistent way of brewing.

In my next training log, I will share my experience with what is for me the best way to brew and also My tips for a better score in cup tasting.

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