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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).

Coffee with April Podcast Episode 2: How to build one of the most iconic Coffee Roastery Brands in the World with James Hoffmann Co founder of Square Mile

James Hoffmann, Co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters   
We met up with James in London during the London Coffee Festival this year. And it just so happened to be that Square Mile Coffee Roasters had their 10th-year anniversary that same week. James does a lot of different things, most famous for being Co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roasters. But he is a lot more going on, he is a writer, thinker, and influencer, sharing his thoughts and ideas both via his email list, books, and video journals. 
What struck us the most when sitting down with him is that he has a lot more he wants to do, both within Squaremile and other projects. It is a fascinating and inspiring conversation that gives you an insight into one of the smartest minds in coffee. 
In this Episode, we talk about: 
- Reflecting on the 10th-year anniversary of Square Mile Coffee Roasters 
- How Square Mile started 
- Entrepreneurship 
- Red Brick (probably the best espresso blend product in the coffee industry)
- The business behind a coffee roastery 
- Where the coffee industry is going/the future of coffee 
Links, learn more about James Hoffman:  
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