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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).

Coffee with April Episode 6: The story behind the Coffee Roastery and Coffee Shop Coffee Collective with Klaus Thomsen

Klaus Thomsen, Co-founder of The Coffee Collective 
We met up with Klaus in The Coffee Collective roastery in Copenhagen, Denmark. Just a few days before they opened up their fifth coffee shop and today they have over 50 employees. Their journey has been and continues to be an inspiration for us in this industry. It is a truly remarkable company. The Coffee Collective does a lot of things and yet manage to keep quality and attention to detail in every step.  
Over the years they have become famous for their Direct Trade approach when it comes to sourcing and buying Green Coffee as well as their beautiful Coffee Shops, and Roastery. 
In this conversation, we are getting an insight into their approach, vision and how they work. This is not an ordinary company and we all have a lot to learn from how they operate. 
In this Episode, we talk about:
- The start-up process of The Coffee Collective 
- How they work with their staff 
- How important it is to keep your staff inspired, happy and motivated 
- Direct Trade 
- The concept behind their coffee shops 
- The future of the industry 
Links, learn more about Klaus: 
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