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We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Sundays at noon.
We roast, pack, and ship out orders on Tuesdays, with the deadline to order on Sundays at noon.

Coffee with April Podcast Episode 5: Discovering Istanbul's Finest Coffee Roastery Petra with Kaan Bergsen

Kaan Bergsen, founder of Petra Roasting Co. 
We met Kaan, founder and owner of the Petra Roasting Company at his roastery location in Istanbul, Turkey. One could make a full episode just describing that space, its truly something special (something you need to experience to understand). 
Kaan is an entrepreneur with an eye and outstanding understanding for details. We believe that if Petra would have been located anywhere else in the world they would be on every once mind, similar to for example The Coffee Collective. Petra started out as a coffee shop today they have several Coffee Shops, a Coffee Roastery, Bakery, Kitchen and much more to come. They have shouldered the role of leading the way for the Coffee scene in Turkey, and they have done so in an incredible way.
In this episode, we talk about a lot of things but perhaps most importantly integrity. The strength of an individual brand and the determination and skill it takes to build something truly unique. Trust us when we say that its only one Petra in the world. 
In this Episode, we talked about:
- How Kaan started Petra 
- Entrepreneurship 
- What drives him as a business owner to keep on pushing forward 
- Coffee in Turkey 
- Operating a business in Turkey 
- The importance of perspective 
- How to run and scale coffee shops 
- The future of coffee 
Links, learn more about Kaan:
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