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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).

Coffee with April Podcast Episode 10: A insight into the mind of Kapo Chiu founder of the Coffee Roastery Cupping Room from Hong Kong

Kapo Chiu, founder of Cupping room (HK) 
We were fortunate enough that Kapo had a trip scheduled to Copenhagen this summer and very happy when he said yes to being a part of the Podcast. Kapo has been a big inspiration over the last years and is really a complete Coffee Professional. 
After he started Cupping Room in Hong Kong he has been a big part of setting a new standard for quality coffee, not just in his Coffee Shops but now also as a Coffee Roastery. 
He has been competing in the World Barista Championship several times, latest winning the 3rd place in Korea 2017. He says his competition days are over and that he will now focus on helping others compete. 
Whatever he might shift his focus on in the future I am sure it will be a great success. 
In this Episode, we talk about: 
- The start-up process of Cupping Room
- His competition experience and philosophy  
- How it was to transition from running coffee shops to also roasting 
- Challenges and opportunities that come with starting your own company 
- Coffee Roasting 
- The Asian Coffee market 
- The future of coffee 
Links, learn more about Kapo:
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