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Introducing Kochere - Ethiopia

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

This week, we introduce our latest addition to our seasonal coffee offering. A spectacular Ethiopian washed processed coffee from the washing station Boji, Kochere. With diverse growing regions, heirloom varietals and a complex network of small 'garden' producers, the conditions that together form Ethiopian coffee production have contributed to its excellent reputation, often referred to as one of the most praised and respected coffee origins.

We often purchase fully washed processed coffees for their bright, crisp and sweet profiles and our latest release certainly falls into this category. Grown at an altitude between 2100-2300 metres above sea level, and comprised of local heirloom varietals, this lot is comprised of cherries delivered by over 500 smallholder farmers, often each with plots of 1 hectare or less. You can expect to find notes of peach and citrus fruit, with a mixed berry finish and excellent flavour clarity. Expect a clean but intense flavour structure from this exceptional coffee.