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Sorting at the Drymill - Volcan Azul

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

We're back with our final video from the Volcan Azul Estate in the beautiful Alajuela Province of Costa Rica, this time Alejo as he presents his drymill and describes the sorting process.

The drymill can be a very important tool when determining the overall quality of an estates output. It is here that Alejo can carefully remove the parchment from his green beans before colour sorting or hand sorting his lots depending on batch size.

With careful sorting, any immature or defective green beans can be removed from the lots and the coffee can be carefully measured for screen size.

This will be our final video from the Volcan Azul Estate, it has been a pleasure to produce these videos alongside Alejo and we hope that you have found them interesting and informative.