April Coffee Roasters

Q&A - Filter, Espresso & Omni Roasting

We're back with another video in response to your question, sent to us directly via our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts. This is the second question and response, sent in by Joshua, who asked "How different is your espresso roast from your filter roast in terms of overall time and end temperature? What are you looking to achieve in different roast profiles assuming the same green coffee?".

In this video Patrik addresses the question at hand, giving some further insight on our current approach to profiling, as well as exploring the current definitions of omni-roasting. We'll be following up with more responses to your questions, so make sure to check back for our upcoming videos. We're always interested in hearing what topics you're most curious to hear us discuss, and social media is a great way of reaching out to us if you would like to make a request. We welcome your thoughts and feelings on the topics raised in this weeks video, as well as other ideas you would like to see us discuss in the future. We really appreciate your feedback and support.

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