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Sustainable Profile Project with Alejo Castro, our Sustainability Project

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

In this video, we're at the Volcan Azul Estate in the beautiful Alajuela Province of Costa Rica, this time joining Farmer and Owner Alejo Castro at his coffee estate for a conversation about our sister project Sustainable Profile. We believe everyone should know everything about the coffee beans they are working with, in their shops or brewing at home. Together with Alejo, using our

Sustainable Profile Project as a base, we are researching new and more Sustainable Varietals that will improve his yields, quality and minimize the risk of plant diseases. The aim of this project is to in the future involve more of the farmers we work with here at April. The farmers are the most exposed and lowest paid in the value chain of Specialty Coffee and we are here to change that. We'll be continuing our work with Alejo and Volcan Azul, so make sure to keep an eye out for future updates.