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We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).
We ship out orders every Tuesday. With the deadline for ordering on Sundays at 18:00 (CET).

Kenya - Azania Estate - AA

Location: Ruiru, Kiambu, Central Kenya
Process Station: Azania Estate
Producer: CRI (Ministry of Agriculture)

Harvest Date: November - December 2022
Received Date: August 2023

Varietal: SL28 & SL34 AA
Growing Altitude: 1750 meter
Processing Method: Washed
Total Volume Ordered: 3500 kg
Roast: Light Roast
Flavour Notes: Blackberries, Red Apple & Florals

Our recipes

These recipes reflect the approach to coffee served in our Showroom.
The filter recipe is based on our own april Brewers (flat-based) and our april Paper Filters. As for espresso, the recipes are designed using a Modbar AV.
All of our grind settings reference a Ditting Sweet Lab 804. You can adjust your grind settings as necessary and use the recommended brew time as a reference.

About the farm

Azania Coffee Estate is a coffee farm in Ruiru, Kiambu, owned and managed by Kenya's Coffee Research Institute (CRI) under the Ministry of Agriculture.
The farm has a total of 99 hectares, and out of this, 64 hectares are under coffee as follows: 62 hectares are used for traditional varieties (SL28, SL34, and Batian) while 2 hectares are used for Ruiru 11.

The objective of managing the farm is to ensure an economical and sustainable production of high quality coffee and, in turn, generate enough revenue to manage the farm’s operations andhave a surplus towards Research activities at CRI. Under a research institute, Azania Coffee Estate is a model farm where coffee farmers can learnfrom and consistently produce high quality coffee with cupping scores above 86.
The farm currently has 83 different varieties, which are separated into plantations. The farm has also implemented tissue culture practices to ensure the coffee's pure genetic form.

About the coffee

The farm produces clean washed processed coffees using the popular Kenyan wet-wash processing method where red ripe cherries are handpicked, hand sorted, pulped, soaked, and fermented in clean fermentation tanks before being thoroughly washed in clean washing tunnels. The coffee is then sun-dried in moderate natural sunshine until the coffee moisture reduces to about 11-12% before it is taken for milling.
This process ensures that the coffee produced on this farm has balanced acidity and a desirable aroma, which in turn helps achieve good cupping scores.

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