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Training Log #5 by Giorgio Bernardo - Exploring the taste of different Coffee Roasters

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

How tasting different coffees from different roasters helped me open up my perception in coffee more. 

For the past weeks, I've been tasting and brewing coffees from different roasters (April Coffee, Gardelli, Cupping Room HK, and many more) and every time I brew each coffee I always learn from the results on how I brewed it, and it is giving me a better idea on how it was being roasted and how good the quality of the coffee is from the origin itself.

This practice of tasting more is driving me to be more curious about how each coffee is being roasted and sourced. It is also pushing me to experiment more on different brewing approach because I believe that brewing is always connected to roasting so how it is being brewed will always depend on how or when was it being roasted.

I am not a believer in a 'one size fits all' brewing approach in coffee. It always depends on how each coffee reacts when brewed, just the same with roasting. Water also plays a huge role in brewing but the major bulk of the end product is always coming from the quality of the green bean itself.

I have also come up with a chart/breakdown of how each process contributes to the taste of the end product; 50% comes from the green coffee bean quality, 30% comes from the roasting approach, 10% comes from the water quality and the last 10% comes from the equipment being used to brew and prepare coffee.
Yes, there are chances that the brewing technique might go wrong but this personal observation from tasting coffees from different roasters all over the world is letting us learn more that the major contributor to how the coffee tastes are the green coffee bean quality.

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