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Training Log #5 by Simon Gautherin - Preparing for the Aeropress Championship

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

Brewing with the Aeropress:

As I’m currently preparing the New South Wales regional Aeropress championships, I decided to structure my analysis and improve my methodology when it comes to getting the best out of a brew.

I already posted about the framework I use to assess a coffee and which criteria I’m looking at during that assessment.

This is how I break down the different variables that I tweak to change the brewing equation when using the Aeropress:

-Brew ratio
-Steep time/Blooming

-Mineral content

-Uniformity/particle distribution/sifting

-Pouring agitation
-Manual agitation

-Type of filter
-Decanting/double filtration

It gives us 12 variables to control when we’re brewing with the Aeropress. In general, I wouldn’t advise changing more than one variable at the same time, especially if you want to find out exactly how they affect the overall equation/final cup.

Now there’s also a hierarchy in terms of how those variables affect the brew. They will all impact your coffee in a different way and to a different extent.

Stay tuned for my competition recipe!

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