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Training Log by Giorgio Bernardo - My current competition brewing recipe

Posted by Bhavin​ Metizsoft on

How I want to approach how I brew and how I prepare for the competition is through this recipe and roast approach. 

For my brewing approach;

I’m using 20 grams of ground coffee and 260 ml of water as I find this recipe my favorite with how I want my coffee to taste and I’m using a medium grind size of 24 clicks on a Comandante Hand Grinder to produce the most complex sensation of all the flavors by achieving a clear profile of the origin character of my coffee. My target TDS is at 1.4 to have a perfect harmony of body and flavors from this coffee using a 1gram is to 13ml ratio.

I roasted this coffee 4 hours ago and it was being ground 2 hours ago.

I am saturating this coffee with 60ml of water as this will assure that the coffee is evenly wet that will result in achieving an optimal and even extraction during my pre-infusion. I am letting it bloom and de-gas for 45 seconds.

Next, I will pour around the sides of the V60 by agitating more to focus on evenly extracting the bottom of my coffee bed since the design of the V60 is conal, the more you pour at the sides, the more you agitate and extract the coffee bed at the bottom.

After that, I will pour in a circular motion slowly by hitting the coffee to focus on extracting the sweetness, while increasing the body and minimizing the extraction of bitter compounds for a clean aftertaste and a balanced cup.

To achieve better thermal stability when brewing, I filled my kettles with its maximum capacity of water and set the temperature at 96 degrees Celsius.

The total brewing time is at 2 minutes and 30 seconds to fully extract the best sensation of all the flavors of this coffee.

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