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How We Cup Coffee

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on


This week, we took a moment to share our approach to a coffee roasting fundamental, our cupping protocol. Cupping is a very commonly found method of measuring quality and consistency when reviewing roasted samples, however not all of us use the same parameters when setting up or measuring our cups. At April, we work with 10g of coffee, using the same grind size for all cups (medium setting on an EK-43), before adding 160g of water at 96 Celsius.

Using this framework, we review all samples using Cropster Cup, as well as taking TDS readings of all cups. By maintaining consistency of your variables when cupping, you can improve your ability to troubleshoot problems in your roasts and increase the chance of understanding the differences that your variable changes are making to your roasts. We're always interested in hearing what topics you're most curious to hear us discuss, and social media is a great way of reaching out to us if you would like to make a request.